Warlord horror concept sketch

Warlord horror concept sketch

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Looking back, I find it kind of weird that the one of two college classes I almost flunked was “Designs and Aesthetics.”

Hooray for art!

Anonymous said: As a lesbian, I do not care at all about bisexual girls feeling left out or judged in the LGBTQ community. I know that's horrible, especially since my girlfriend is bi, but I find it very revolting when I think about making love with someone that loves taking dick. I fell for my girlfriend without knowing she likes guys and girls. I don't purposefully date bisexual girls and I don't think it's wrong to say that.












I really hope your girlfriend realizes she’s dating a pathetic waste of a human being and finds someone infinitely better. 

A lot of lesbians are turned off by the idea of their gf having sex with men. Why is that such a bad thing? Why is it so wrong to only like women who like other women? I think the anon who asked this should be honest with her gf and break up with her though if it’s that much of a turn off. 

At first I wasn’t going to reply to comments like these but now that I’ve had a couple of beers the idea of repeatedly hitting my head against a brick wall seems more enjoyable so here we go.

I have a problem with lesbians who claim that they have a “preference” towards dating other lesbians over bisexuals. I understand having a preference, I personally have a preference for girls who are my height or taller than me.  However, does this preference make me view my own voice, safety, and representation in my community as superior and of more importance than those I do not have a preference for? Nope. That’s why this anon (and unfortunately other like minded individuals)  don’t have a “preference” they are biphobic and overall prejudicial assholes.

If you’re not comfortable dating bisexual people because you feel they will ultimately leave you for the opposite sex or (insert other stereotypical view of bisexuals) you don’t have a preference, you are biphobic, and have some huge insecurities that you should probably deal with before you enter a relationship.

If you’re a lesbian and do not feel comfortable dating a woman who is also attracted to individuals with dicks because you find it “icky” or “gross”, it must blow your mind when you find out your partner likes watermelon and you don’t. How do you even move forward from there? Is the relationship just doomed? And yes it is the same thing. Those individuals are judging someone based on something they cannot control.

Prejudice and phobia inside the queer community is something I will never understand and is absolutely infuriating. 

And why is the sexual preference and/or history of her partner any fucking business of the OP’s? That is some classic slut-shaming, woman-controlling, patriarchal shit right there.

See- why as a bi person I am STILL scared to supposedly “LGBT Friendly” spaces. Because usually it’s just LG friendly.


I’m lesbian, but I don’t understand the whole “my girlfriend must never have been tainted by cock” thing. Why the hell does it matter? If your girlfriend is bisexual and you’re paranoid that she’ll leave you or cheat on you because she MUST HAVE COCK then that says more about you (general ‘you’, not specific) than it does about her.

It probably stems from the “promiscuous bisexuals” stereotype, where bisexuals are seen (and often treated) as nymphomaniacs who’ll jump into bed with anyone. And it saddens me that that stereotype still exists.

I’m in agreement with Jen and the likeminded folks on this one. All I want in a partner is someone who loves me, is female bodied/identified or neutrois, and doesn’t mind the queerness that is me. If she/they had relationships with men in the past, that’s cool. It doesn’t have any bearing on their relationship with me in the present, and that’s how it should be.

Mmmhmmm. As someone that falls under the bi umbrella, this is why I tend to just simplify my sexuality as being “queer” or “gay”. :/

The bigotry, ignorance and prejudice that exists within the community has always been infuriating to me- you’d THINK being discriminated against for something you can’t control would make you more empathetic to others with a similar plight, but naw people only give a shit about their own rights. Once they gain visibility and acceptance, fuck anyone below their rung on the ladder (hence really backwards shit like biphobia or misogynistic gay men).

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I like how I’m more productive in art when I have a time crunch with my job.

I like how I’m more productive in art when I have a time crunch with my job.






have you ever seen a chicken strip



There are two kinds of people in this world.

this is my favorite post on this whole entire website

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another blaziken pinup sketch

another blaziken pinup sketch

One of my friends wanted me to sketch more Off bosses

More emotion things.  These three are of Liz, Boomstick, and MacMurphy, respectively.

Quick sketch of Japhet

Quick sketch of Japhet